Lash Lift and Reconstruction

Lash Lift and Reconstruction

Lash Lift and Reconstruction
Lector: Neringa Galbuogienė

Neringa Galbuogienė is an enthusiastic and attentive lecturer and professional in her field.

Registration by phone: 37067547441

Lash Lift and Reconstruction

About study
8 hours
199 € be PVM

The certificate issued is approved by UAB Grandis LT for non-formal training in the register of the Ministry of Adult Education. Certificates are issued in English as the evaluation of your sciences and the acquisition of a profession.

Price of the Course: 199 Eur without VAT with Starter Kit

We will provide all the necessary professional certified tools for learning.

Registration +37067547441 or
A € 20 advance payment is required for bank transfer.
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The purpose of the payment is: training, date, name and surname of the training.
The advance is non-refundable if you did not participate in the courses for your fault and did not inform us 5 business days before the start of the training.
The rest amount is paid on the first day of the course.

If you are unable to find any model for the training session you must to inform us in advance and not later than 5 business days before the beginning of the trainings.


Just 30 minutes, just 3 simple steps and you will enjoy the result of beautiful eyelashes for 60 days with Beauty&You Lash Lift and Reconstruction products!


Lithuanian Hygiene Norm;
Requirements for persons providing beauty services;
Contraindications in the process of Lash Lift;
Tools for Eyelash Lift;
The process and preparation of the Eyelash Lift procedure;
Eyelash Coloring with Professional Beauty System;
Problem solving.


During the practical session you will learn:

Proper hand disinfection;
Preparation of work place and customer consultancy;
To perform Lash Lift procedure on a live model.

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