Volume Lashes Trainings

Volume Lashes Trainings

Volume Lashes Trainings
Lector: Meilutė Sadauskienė

Meilutė Sadasukienė sincere, attentive and successful master of eyelash extension and lamination and reconstruction.

Registration by phone: +37067547441

Volume Lashes Trainings

About study
8 hours
Saulės g. 1, Elektrėnai
180 € be PVM

We provide all the necessary tools, visual and methodological materials during the trainings. You must have your model in the practical part of the course. If you can't find a model we can help you find it, but you must inform in advance.

The certificate issued is approved by UAB Grandis LT in non-formal education in the Register of Adult Education Ministry. Certificates are issued in English as an evaluation of your sciences and the acquisition of a profession.

Training price 150 € without VAT. The group can consist of up to 5 students.

REGISTRATION tel. +37067547441 or order@beautyandyou.lt

A € 20 advance payment is required for registration and must be made by bank transfer. The advance is non-refundable if you have not participated in the courses for your own fault or if you did not inform us 5 business days before the start of the course;
The full amount is paid on the first day of the course.

Payment methods:
UAB Grandis LT (A.S. LT743500010001034176) Bank UAB Paysera
Bank transfer, cash or Paypal;


It is a training course for advanced masters with a classic eyelash extension certificate and with a minimum of 1 month of practical work experience!

Volume technology is rapidly gaining popularity in Lithuania and it is No 1 in the world among the eyelash extension masters. We suggest you keep up with the innovations and keep improving.

During this training, you will learn how to make 2-4D fans!



Lithuanian hygiene norm;
Customer Ethics;
Workplace preparation;
Equipment required for work;
Proper selection of tweezers, their disinfection;
Eyelash Growth Phases;
Eyelash extension procedure, process and preparation for it;
Eyelashes and their types;
Glue analysis;
Eyelash Extension Technique;
Correction and removal of eyelashes;
Care and tools for eyelash extensions;
Most popular modeling techniques


Proper hand disinfection;
Workplace preparation;
Selection of eyelash extensions according to customer's eye shape, natural eyelashes;
Correct storage of tweezers;
You will learn to distinguish natural eyelashes, put on eyelash extension;

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