Beauty&You Mink - Volume lashes (0.07mm)


Beauty&You Mink Lashes are high-quality synthetic PBT Fibre from Korea.

Lashes brightly black, very soft, high quality, well removed, lightweight well funs.

Designed by Beauty&You professional.

The tray contains a variety of different lengths: (6-16 MM and MIX) and allows quick and easy to use; Eyelash tray has 12 lines 

Curl type: in C, D(CC), D+, LD, LC and B.

10,00 €

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Beauty&You Volume Mink Lash for eyelash extensions.  Beauty&You Extension lashes are made of premium PBT fibre, which has a very flexible form, ultra lightweight and shiny surface. Mink lashes are lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes. These Volume synthetic Mink Lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection and will give your clients soft and natural look. They are easier to apply than regular eyelash extension. Available Thickness: 0.07mm; Available length: 6-7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15-16mm. and MIX 8-14mm. Available C, D and D+ curl - natural and softly uplifting curl for horizontally angled eyelashes. Please select thickness and length you require. Please also check our high quality of eyelash extension glues.

Buy today - get already tomorrow! available only in Lithuania!


Mano favoritės 05/03/2020

Neradau geresnių blakstienų už šias. Nuo pirmos dienos įsimylėjau jas

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Nera 02/21/2020

Kada turesit visų ilgių ir linkiu? Kiek tikrinu tiek nera.. Reikės kitos firmos blakstienas pradėt naudoti..

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Vis nėra prekyboje 01/22/2020

Visada nėra reikiamų dydžių..

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D 07/03/2019

Blakstienos NR. 1

10 Review(s)

superines 02/24/2019

gerai skleidziasi!

10 Review(s)

Tobulos 01/31/2019


10 Review(s)

Butėnaitė 11/01/2018


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B 10/17/2018

Labai patenkinta esu šiom blakstienom :)

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. 10/08/2018

Labai geros kokybes blakstienos

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pacios geriausios blaksitenos 06/13/2016

ypac gerai skleidziasi tiek 0,07 tiek 0,10,juodai juodos spalvos, dirbti su jomis tikras malonumas. daug bandziau forumuose isgirtu volume blakstienu, bet jos nei is tolo nera ka lyginti su siomis blakstienomis. atrodo pacios skleidziasi vos palietus.

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