Depil-OK pink mild wax in a can 800gr.




Depil-OK pink mild wax in a can 800gr. Warm depilatory wax BANDLESS PROCEDURE. A special creamy wax with a strong exfoliating force. Hair is removed in one go, no need to repeat a second time. Extremely elastic and fast setting. Removes even the shortest hairs. Suitable for both body and face depilation.

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Perfect for small areas (armpits, bikini area, eyebrows, upper lip, etc.). Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for men. It is applied in an extremely thin layer and removes even 1mm. long hairs. For professional use Warm depilatory wax with pine resin and vegetable oils is suitable for all skin types. It is a sticky, non-drying skin wax. Ideal for those with circulatory problems, tired legs. Supplemented with trace elements, this wax also moisturizes the skin.


Heat the wax in a special wax heater to 70ºC. Wait until the wax has cooled to 50 ° C and a medium-thick consistency. Use a wooden spatula to apply the wax. Take the required amount of wax with a spatula and apply it by lightly pressing the spatula against the skin in the direction of hair growth. Apply the depilatory strip, squeeze it and remove the wax with a sudden motion in the opposite direction of hair growth.


1. Strengthen the wax in a wax heater to a completely liquid consistency. Wait for the wax to cool slightly and thicken slightly again.

2. Use a spatula to cover a small area of ​​skin with wax - apply the wax according to the direction of hair growth, about 4 x 15 cm

3. Wait a few seconds for the wax to harden slightly

4. Peel off the wax in the opposite direction to the hair growth direction

5. After depilation, you can reheat the wax as needed.

6. Use lotions, oils or gels for depilation.

Do not epilate sunburned or damaged skin!


1 Review(s)

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