General provisions

1. Your personal data controller is UAB "Grandis LT", its subsidiaries and representative offices. UAB "Grandis LT", contact details are published on The contact details of the Data Protection Officer appointed by UAB "Grandis LT" are:

2. The personal data collected by UAB "Grandis LT" are processed in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, the General Data Protection Regulation and other legal acts. All UAB "Grandis LT" employees, representatives and representatives of employees who learn the secret of personal data must keep it even after termination of employment or contractual relations.

3. For the processing of personal data, UAB Grandis LT may employ data processors and / or at its own discretion to hire other persons who perform certain functions on behalf of UAB "Grandis LT". In such cases, UAB "Grandis LT" shall take the necessary measures to ensure that such data processors handle personal data in accordance with the instructions of UAB "Grandis LT" and applicable legal acts and require the implementation of appropriate personal data security measures. Also, UAB Grandis LT will ensure that these persons will be bound by confidentiality obligations and will not be able to use such information for any other purpose, except for the extent necessary to perform the functions assigned to them.

4. This Privacy Policy defines the basic rules for the collection, storage, handling and storage of your personal data, other personal data, goals, sources, recipients and other important aspects of the handling, storage, handling and storage of information related to you by using the services of UAB Grandis LT. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully analyze the privacy policies of this site before using our services.

5. Grandis LT UAB respects persons privacy and makes all the reasonable efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and other information processed on this site.

6. You may visit our website without giving any personal information. Personal information must be provided only in case if you want to use our services (create an account), we will ask you to provide the personal data specified in the system and perform the specified identification procedures.

7. By accessing this website and / or using the information and / or services contained therein, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and you agree to it. We reserve the right to change these Privacy Policy at our discretion, so when visiting this website, you must make sure that you are familiar with the most recent version of the Privacy Policy that applies to your visit to this website.

Data Management Objectives, Providers, Terms, Recipients

8. The main purpose for which we collect your personal data is the provision of services and sales of products by UAB "Grandis LT" to our customers.

9. Purpose Customer informing about services. Personal data are processed for this purpose in order to inform the client about the services provided by UAB "Grandis LT", their prices, specifics, contracts concluded with the client, etc. changes to the system of Grandis LT UAB and other communications related to the provided services.

9.1. For this purpose, the following personal data can be processed: e-mail address, telephone number.

9.2. The personal data subject confirms that he understands that such notification messages are indispensable for the performance of the General Agreement on Payment Services and / or its Annexes concluded with the Customer and shall not be considered as direct marketing communications.

9.3 Duration of the data storage: 24 (twenty four) months after the end of the business relationship with the client.

9.4. Data Providers: Directly from the Data Subject.

9.5 Data recipients: Data for this purpose is not provided to other persons.

9.6 OBJECTIVE: Protection and protection of company and client interests (video surveillance in our premises).

9.7. Personal data are processed for this purpose to ensure the security of Payser and / or the client, to protect the life and health of the client and / or his spouse, and other Paysera and client rights (video surveillance at Paysera premises and recording) in order to legitimately protect Paysera customers, employees, visitors and their and Payser property.

9.8. For this purpose, the following personal data may be processed: video data in Paysera-controlled premises.

9.9 Before entering the Paysera premises for video surveillance, you are informed by special video surveillance markers.

9.10 Duration of data storage: 1 (one) year.

9.11 Data Providers: Directly from the data subject himself who visits cameras in the Paysera premises monitored and enters the video surveillance field from the camcorder.

9.11. Data recipients: courts, pre-trial investigation authorities, lawyers (only in case of an attempt).


Direct Marketing

Personal data are processed for this purpose in order to offer the client services and products provided by UAB Grandis LT.

10.1. For this purpose, the following personal data can be processed: e-mail address, telephone number.

10.2 By this document you confirm that you are informed that the above data may be processed for the purpose of direct marketing and that you have the right to object and to refuse to use your personal data for this purpose at any time by informing in writing the Grandis UAB LT "about denying or refusing e-mail. mail The notification must contain the name, surname and e-mail of the personal data subject. mail adress.

10.3 Duration of the data storage: 24 (twenty four) months after the end of the business relationship with the client or until the client's refusal to process the data for that purpose.

14.4 Data Providers: Directly from the Data Subject.

14.5 Data recipients: data for this purpose may be transmitted to search or social networking systems (the possibility of refusing data processing is provided on the websites of these systems). Data is not provided to other people.

15. All your personal data, other than your full name, personal identification number, ID number and exact address of residence, collected for the above purposes, may be processed for statistical analysis purposes. To this end, personal data shall be processed in such a way that, by including them in the scope of the statistical analysis, it is not possible to identify the identity of the data subjects concerned. The collection of your personal data for statistical analysis purposes is based on the legitimate interest in analyzing, improving and developing the activities performed. I am informed that I have the right to refuse and refuse to process my personal data for this purpose at any time and in any form, informing me about the disagreement or refusal of UAB Grandis LT. However, UAB Grandis LT may continue to process the data for statistical purposes if it proves that the data is processed for compelling legitimate reasons that exceeds the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject or in order to claim, execute or defend legal requirements.

16. Personal data collected for the purposes specified in this Policy is not processed in any way incompatible with any of these legitimate purposes or legal requirements.

17. All of the above information, which contains personal data, will not be communicated to any third parties without your consent, unless required by the applicable law or required for the purpose of the provision of the services (for example, the necessary information transmitted with your payment transfer).

18. I agree that the above-mentioned my data are provided and received through the software tool used by UAB Grandis LT or its authorized representative, as well as other means, and other third parties with which in accordance with the procedure established by laws and other legal acts UAB Grandis LT is concluded a personal data processing agreement.


19. For the purpose of direct marketing and statistical analysis, profiling may be done using Piwik, Google, Facebook, etc. analytics tools.

Processing of minors' personal data

20. A minor under 14 (fourteen) years of age must use his / her representative (father, mother, guardian (s)) to use the services of UAB Grandis LT to use the services of UAB "Grandis LT" for the processing of his personal data.

Cookie Policy

21. On this website UAB "Grandis LT" can use cookies. Cookies are small files sent to a person's Internet browser and stored on the client's device. Cookies are transferred to your personal computer for the first time you visit this website. Later, cookies are used to identify a person in the device, they are designed to improve the functionality and use of the site, as well as for analysis purposes, facilitates personal access to this website or the information contained therein.

22. Like many website managers, UAB Grandis LT monitors the attendance of this website and collects information about how many visitors have visited it, what is the name of the domain (domain) of the visitors' Internet Service Provider's server, etc. Such information is collected automatically at a visit to the website. It helps the webmaster to understand how visitors use the website and to improve the services provided by UAB Grandis LT.

23. A person attending a website will continue to browse through this site and agree to the use of cookies without changing the existing settings.

24. Most web browsers accept cookies, but the person can change their browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. However, in this case, some functions may not work.

25. All the information about the cookies used on the site, their purpose, validity and the data used are provided in the table below:

Your right to access personal data, correct, erase data, or restrict the processing of data

26. You have the following rights:

26.1. DUTY RIGHT: Get information about whether we process your personal data and, if so, get acquainted with your personal data and obtain information from which sources and what data your personal data is collected for, for what purpose they are processed and for whom they are or may be provided; receive a copy of your personal data from UAB "Grandis LT" in accordance with the applicable legal acts. Grandis LT, upon receipt of your written request, will submit the requested data in writing within the time limit set by the legal acts or indicate the reason for refusal to satisfy such request. Once in a calendar year, data may be provided free of charge, but in other cases the remuneration may be set at a level below the cost of data provision for the provision of data.

26.2. THE RIGHT TO REQUIRE DATA: If your data processed by UAB "Grandis LT" are incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, please contact the Grandis LT in writing and request correcting incorrect, inaccurate personal data or supplementing your incomplete personal data by submitting an application.

26.3. THE RIGHT TO DELETE DATA: request interruption of data processing (deletion of data), in cases where personal data is processed with the consent of the individual, the person cancels this consent or when personal data is no longer needed for the purpose for which they were received or personal data was processed illegally or personal data be erased in accordance with legal obligations. You must submit a written notice of disagreement regarding the processing of personal data to UAB Grandis LT in person, by post or by electronic means of communication. If your disagreement is legally justified, Grandis LT, after examining the application, will terminate the processing of personal data, except in cases established by law. It should be noted that the right to request immediate deletion of your personal data may be restricted or not due to the obligation imposed by UAB "Grandis LT" as a payment service provider to store data on identification of a customer, payment transactions, concluded agreement, etc. the statutory period.

26.4. THE RIGHT TO LIMIT DATA PROCESSING: require the processing of data to be restricted when the personal data subject challenges the accuracy of the data for a period during which the controller can verify the accuracy of personal data; the processing of personal data is unlawful and the data subject does not agree to delete the data and, instead, asks for the restriction of their use; the data controller is no longer needed for the purpose of processing personal data, but it is necessary for the data subject to bring, execute or defend legal requirements. The data controller shall inform the data subject whose processing has been restricted for the purpose of processing the data before the restriction is lifted.

26.5 NOTIFY THE RIGHT: the right not to consent to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes;

26.6. to file a complaint with the supervisory authority regarding the processing of his or her personal data if the client considers that his or her personal data is being processed in violation of his rights and legitimate interests in accordance with the applicable legislation.

26.7. Contact your Data controller and / or Data Protection Officer for the exercise of your rights.

26.8 other statutory rights.

27. You can send an application for access, correction or disapproval by e-mail to: In the application the person must clearly indicate his name and surname and attach an identity document or an application to sign the electronic signature.

Third party websites

28. UAB "Grandis LT" is not responsible for ensuring the Customer's privacy on the websites of third parties even in cases where third parties' websites are accessed by the Client using the links on this website. UAB "Grandis LT" recommends that you familiarize yourself with the privacy of each website belonging to UAB "Grandis LT".

Ensuring information security

29. The objective of UAB "Grandis LT" is to ensure as much information as possible of the information received from the Client and from public data files. To protect this information from unauthorized access, use, copying, accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration or disclosure, as well as any other unlawful handling, UAB Grandis LT uses appropriate legal, administrative, technical and physical security measures.

Final Provisions

30. These Privacy Policy provisions are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputes arising from these privacy policies will be resolved through negotiations, and in case of failure, in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.

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