Masterclass antakių ir lūpų mikropigmentacijos mokymai
8 val.
Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas
350 €
REGISTRACIJA tel. +370 675 47441 arba
8 val.
350 €

We offer something special for our students, a hands-on and hands-on masterclass in All About Lips and Eyebrow Shading. During the training, you will learn the lip and eyebrow shading techniques most desired by clients. You will learn to apply the pigments that are most suitable - organic or mineral. You will also learn how to perform the procedure without pain, swelling and much more...
During the internship, you will work on 2 live models. For whom you will perform long-term makeup of eyebrows and lips.
Join PMU professionals!
Lip Masterclass includes:
PMU lipstick effect, 3D effect, powder lip effect, color layering
Color theory;
With the latest eyebrow shading techniques, we will learn how to get the pixel effect.
 How to choose the right device for different results;
Classification of needles for a better and faster result;
A discussion of different brands of pigments
How to achieve a perfect healed result and what it depends on.
The easiest way to sketch lips and eyebrows
How to complete a lip and brow treatment in 1 hour and 30 minutes!

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REGISTRACIJA tel. +370 675 47441 arba