In accordance with the 29 June 2001 Prescript No.: 217 of the Agriculture Minister “Regarding the Rules for the Return and Changing of the Goods”, which have affirmed the rules for the return and changing of the goods, those goods which you have found to be bad or of poor quality can be changed or returned: in Lithuania within 14 days, in the European Union and in other countries within 30 days from the day that the good has been delivered to the buyer.

The buyer can deliver the returned goods himself to the “Beauty&You” store located at Sparnu str. 9A, LT-46283, Kaunas, Lithuania or send the good to us by using the services of the courier of his own choosing or our choosing. The buyer must pay for the return expenses of the good. Those goods that are unfit, have poor quality or with defects can be returned free of charge. We shall return the money with which you have purchased the goods no later than within 14 days. Only the delivery expenses are not reimbursed.

In order to return the good the buyer must adhere to these conditions:

  1. The returned good must be in an original and undamaged package with a label;

  2. The buyer must not have damaged the good;

  3. The good must not have lost its appearance and its surface must not have been scratched. This point is not applied in the event when a good of poor quality is returned. The changes in the appearance of the good or its packaging can’t be deemed to be essential changes in the appearance of the good, if these changes were mandatory in order to check out the good;

  4. The returned good must be of the same suit as it was acquired by the buyer;

  5. When returning the good, it is mandatory to submit its acquisition document (if it was issued) and to fill out the return document;

  6. If the seller proves that the defects of the good occurred due to the fact that the buyer has breached the rules for using and keeping the good, then this kind of good can’t be changed, the defects are not remedied free of charge and the moneys are not returned;

  7. In the event of a dispute regarding the change of the good’s appearance or the damage of the good, the seller must petition the Governmental Non-Food Goods Inspection Agency in writing. When he gets the Agency’s conclusions in writing, he must promptly inform the buyer about this.

  8. From 15 February 2016, the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform (the “Platform”) will go live. The launch is part of the European Commission’s wider aims of making it easier for consumers to buy goods from any business located in one of the 28 member states of the EU.  The Platform can be accessed via

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