Shülke Mikrozid® AF liquid disinfection 10 L.




Alcohol-based rapid disinfectant for non-invasive medical products and other surfaces on the basis of alcohol.

  • ready to use
  • very broad biocidal activity within the shortest possible time
  • good wetting properties
  • dries rapidly without leaving smears

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Product description Mikrozid® AF Liquid for fast surface disinfection Mikrozid® AF Liquid is a ready-to-use alcoholic preparation for rapid disinfection of surfaces and medical equipment. It does not contain aldehydes, so it does not irritate the respiratory tract, does not cause coughs and skin allergies. Wets the surface well, works quickly and dries without leaving plaque. Due to its well-balanced composition, Mikrozid® AF Liquid has a very fast and wide antimicrobial effect, gentleness on materials and personnel.

Areas of application: in patient reception / treatment rooms and adjacent rooms: examination couches, dental chairs; surfaces of medical devices (alcohol resistant); all alcohol-resistant surfaces laboratories; beauty salons and hairdressers; tattoo parlors. Mikrozid® AF liquid acts on the following microorganisms: bacteria, including M. tuberculosis and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus); fungi; hepatitis B virus; HIV; HCV; Adenovirus; Rotavirus; Papovavirus; Poliovirus; Usage: The product is ready to use. Spray disinfected items and surfaces abundantly from a distance of 30 cm (spray about 40 - 50 ml / m2). After 2 min. the surface will dry completely. Wipe off excess with a dry disposable cloth. Special screw-on sprayers (for 1 l bottles) are used to spray the product. Exposure - 2 min.

Composition: 100g of Mikrozid® AF Liquid contains 25g of ethanol (94%) and 35g of 1-propanol. Work safety instructions: Refer to the safety data sheet and package leaflet that accompany the product. Manufacturer: Schülke & Mayr GmbH, Germany


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